New year, new projects in sight!

I think this time of year can be a bit ambivalent. But it’s also full of anticipation, like a boiling pot. One is bidding on up coming projects, finishing off work from last year while looking into new interesting opportunities for the upcoming year. I don’t know exactly what the production year 2020 will hold but I guess that’s a part of the whole excitement.

January however started off with a trip to Zurich where I produced a piece for a Swedish client. Then I did an interview for KFTV. Talked about Swixer Film of course but also about what it’s like to shoot in Sweden and my thoughts on how the filming industri is affected by the climate changes. Will share as soon it goes live!

One thing I do know about this year is that Swixer will have a full still portfolio (with several categories) up and running. Working on it as we speak. So excited about this and here’s a sneak peek below!


Lululemon winter campaign 2019!

In my last post I summed up Swixer Film‘s production year 2019. So many fun productions to write more about really but I thought I’d take you behind the scenes of one of my productions. The Lululemon winter campaign 2019!

At Strömkajen, outside Grand Hotel

The shoot happened in and around Stockholm. Together with my team I managed planning, locations, logistics, scheduling, permits and crew. We were a team of 25 people from Canada and Sweden including models. The shoot went on for 5 days at 5 different locations and we shot both stills and moving image.

Gamla stan (old town)

To get the best light and look we did early morning shoots and used a snow machine to get a Christmas feeling to the shoot. Everyone was so great and professional to work with and the client such a dream client.

House location at Ingarö, Sweden
House location at Ingarö, Sweden

At each location we had a base camp where the team could have lunch, leave bags, keep wardrobe, make up etc. This shoot was fun and a logistical challenge as we had to juggle a lot of people and locations.

Gamla stan (old town)
Gamla stan (old town)

We had permits to shoot in Gamla Stan (old town), a lovely but tricky location to shoot at because of the cobblestone streets plus there’s quite a lot of tourists around.

Outside Grand Hotel, Stockholm

The campaign was launched just before Christmas and I’m just so proud and thankful to been a part of it. I love to produce this type and size of productions. Big teams, various locations and a mix of still and moving image. Also the fact that Swixer is adding more still productions to the portfolio is a dream come true!


Swixer Film is moving – celebrated with great rates on portrait photo shoots!

After almost three years at Hantverkargatan, Swixer Film moves into Studio Emma Svensson at Telefonplan. I have already been hanging out there a lot for the past year but from now on the studio will be Swixer’s permanent base.

It feels like a natural step to take given how much I shoot stills nowadays in addition to running the Swixer factory of course. You’ll find my still portfolio here on the website.

For this reason, I’m celebrating the move with great prices on portraits!

So, right NOW you’re able to book your slot to shoot your portrait. The shooting takes about 1-2h and together we’ll decide what the setup should look like. After the photo shoot we’ll go through the pictures and you’ll get to choose your favorites. The chosen images will be edited and delivered digitally.

If you want you can bring a few clothes options or props. And if you have any reference photos on how you want your pictures to look, you can email them in advance.

Portrait images are good to have in many different contexts; as Christmas presents to give away, for your CV, headshots for actors, profile pictures or as content for social media.

Email me at to book your slot!


Studio Emma Svensson Academy, half time!

I’ve jumped right out to the wild unknown! Since a while back I’ve joined Studio Emma Svensson Academy. It’s a one-year program where eight photographers / image makers get coaching from Emma Svensson. We get a line up of workshops, lectures while building our photo portfolios. We have access to a studio and light gear 24/7. I do have some experience from my producer background but this is just something else.

I know that some have been curious about this course and perhaps signed up for next year so half way in I thought I’d sum it all up a bit!

During the first six months focus have been on building our portfolios. Identify our style, area and create a portfolio accordingly. Some shoot fashion, other products and I enjoy staged photography, more about that here. A portfolio is supposed to reflect who you are as a photographer so from being forced to think about that, find your way and that expression that feels like “you” have been a challenge but so much fun. Perhaps the best thing so far.

For me, joining this course ment shooting in a studio for the very first time. Before I joined I had mostly shoot on location and in natural light. So getting access to a studio (and lots of new light gear) 24/7 was exciting so to speak! Fortunately, I like the idea of throwing myself into the unknown, learning new things and learning from mistakes so it has been a fun challenge!

Then we’ve had a bunch of speakers visiting. Film with Mats Udd, marketing with Stefan Tell, och storytelling with Martin Sandin have been some of the favorites. Getting concrete tips and expertise from professionals in different areas: food photography, wedding, retouch and visual communication has been amazing. Just asking a billion questions and getting the tools to customize your own suit has been the best!

Another great thing have been the ongoing coaching sessions we’ve had. Partly with Emma Svensson where the focus have been on how we can create better images, but also from an agent perspective where we’ve learned about customers, marketing and portfolio strategies.

If you’re curious to learn more about this program you can read more about it here (in Swedish).

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