New year, new projects in sight!

I think this time of year can be a bit ambivalent. But it’s also full of anticipation, like a boiling pot. One is bidding on up coming projects, finishing off work from last year while looking into new interesting opportunities for the upcoming year. I don’t know exactly what the production year 2020 will hold but I guess that’s a part of the whole excitement.

January however started off with a trip to Zurich where I produced a piece for a Swedish client. Then I did an interview for KFTV. Talked about Swixer Film of course but also about what it’s like to shoot in Sweden and my thoughts on how the filming industri is affected by the climate changes. Will share as soon it goes live!

One thing I do know about this year is that Swixer will have a full still portfolio (with several categories) up and running. Working on it as we speak. So excited about this and here’s a sneak peek below!


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