My name is Fatima Lagerås. I’m a visual storyteller and imagemaker who also enjoys the art of set design and styling.  I’m also the founder of Swixer Film – a production company for film & photography. 

With a producer background in TV and Film I’d say my strength is staged photography. I love to go from conception to building my photo shoots like you do in the movies. Meaning: location scouting, finding characters and creating that magical set design etc. And the best part is, depending on size of production, I customize each production after budget.

Big budget or shoe string, I work with both. I also do collaborations with brands, agencies and other creative thinkers.

I find inspiration in people but also in interesting locations and items. That’s why I sometimes also do travel guides up on request. Most recently – a series for Lovely Life about interraling with kids in Europe. 

Fatima Lagerås
Phone: +46 739702737
Instagram: fatimalagerasphoto & swixerfilm

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