This is how the Coronavirus and climate changes are affecting the production world – Interview with KFTV

So you don’t have to be a climate activist to know that flying overseas with tons of equipment and crew is bad. And now with the corona situation you may not even have the choice of flying. So, how do we continue to shoot on location far away from home, in other countries? The answer is spelled remote shooting and trusting your local production service partner. 

The climate crisis vs the film industry is something I’ve written about before (read here) and now with the Coronavirus contributing to this I think we will really see a change in how we produce our shoots overseas. 

Yes, my service production company Swixer among many others around the globe are being affected by corona and the climate changes. But there are solutions. And some of them are being commented on in these two articles for KFTV that I’m proud to be a part of:   

Coronavirus – remote filming

Climate change and Coronavirus report:

I want coronavirus long gone, no doubt. But on the bright side, I’m glad this situation puts the climate discussion on top of the agenda. And as an owner of a service production company there’s nothing else I want than to have clients from all across the world to come and shoot in Sweden of course. But I just think we all have to look at more cost and climate effective ways of doing so. So, perhaps now is the perfect time to step up and really make that climate change while we’re at it?


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