Lululemon winter campaign 2019!

In my last post I summed up Swixer Film‘s production year 2019. So many fun productions to write more about really but I thought I’d take you behind the scenes of one of my productions. The Lululemon winter campaign 2019!

At Strömkajen, outside Grand Hotel

The shoot happened in and around Stockholm. Together with my team I managed planning, locations, logistics, scheduling, permits and crew. We were a team of 25 people from Canada and Sweden including models. The shoot went on for 5 days at 5 different locations and we shot both stills and moving image.

Gamla stan (old town)

To get the best light and look we did early morning shoots and used a snow machine to get a Christmas feeling to the shoot. Everyone was so great and professional to work with and the client such a dream client.

House location at Ingarö, Sweden
House location at Ingarö, Sweden

At each location we had a base camp where the team could have lunch, leave bags, keep wardrobe, make up etc. This shoot was fun and a logistical challenge as we had to juggle a lot of people and locations.

Gamla stan (old town)
Gamla stan (old town)

We had permits to shoot in Gamla Stan (old town), a lovely but tricky location to shoot at because of the cobblestone streets plus there’s quite a lot of tourists around.

Outside Grand Hotel, Stockholm

The campaign was launched just before Christmas and I’m just so proud and thankful to been a part of it. I love to produce this type and size of productions. Big teams, various locations and a mix of still and moving image. Also the fact that Swixer is adding more still productions to the portfolio is a dream come true!


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