Swixer Film's production year 2019

It’s a wrap! Another Swixer Film year has come to an end so I thought I’d sum it up. In both 2018 and 2019 we got the opportunity to work with Apple TV and the (upcoming) series Home. Still can’t say much about it yet other than I’m just so proud that my little (but growing!) production company have come this far and the size of productions we take on has grown with us!

Then what? We provided production services to Wish. Helped them with scouting, scheduling, gear, management and planning for the shoot that happened in Gävle, Sweden. I really like the fact that Wish choose to hire ALL equipment (including camera) locally and not fly it over from the states. Not so common among our clients who fly over to Sweden unfortunately but a much more sustainable, modern and cost effective way of thinking.

We produced Lululemon’s winter campaign that took place in Stockholm, Sweden. So much fun!!

Lululemon, winter campaign, Stockholm. Photo: Fatima Lagerås.

We also shot an interview with the remarkable Ewy Rosqvist on behalf of R/GA Content Studio. Ewy Rosqvist competed for Mercedes-Benz and as the first woman she won the Argentine road Grand Prix.

One of my favorite Swedish clients Crosby flew me to Iceland (hello dream come true!) to produce this piece for EQT!

Then me and Emma Öhling got the hilarious task to dig into and do research on the story of the “Japanese who disappeared” for Fuji TV (thanks again Johan Pétre for all the help!). If you haven’t read the whole story yet, it’s a must!

Old article from SVD about the Japanese who disappeared

On the location side we scouted locations for Volvo Group as well as the indie rock band MT. JOY during their performance at Lollapalooza, to name a few. Shoe strings and/or big budget productions. Highs and lows. I just love the various productions we are fortuned to work with, no matter the size. And that’s what Swixer is all about really. No production is too small or big.

Anyway, we had a whole lot of fun this year. So THANK YOU to all of our clients, partners, freelancers and creatives out there.

Happy new year!


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