#klimatfrukost with Klimatklubben!

Fotograf: Emily Dahl Från vänster: Maria Soxbo, Emma Sundh, Johanna Nilsson
Photographer: Emily Dahl
From the left: Maria Soxbo, Emma Sundh, Johanna Nilsson

There’s a club that I like a lot. It’s called Klimatklubben. The club is founded and run with heluva spirit by Emma Sundh, Maria Soxbo och Johanna Nilsson who talks about that climate-elephant of ours in the room. Without preaching sustainable tips are combined with inspiring challenges for change addressed to companies, politicians and oneself. In large or small scale but after own means.

This summer they came up with the concept #klimatfrukost – an event where mingling, yummy breakfasts and debate around climate issues are discussed. And the best thing about it is that I get to shoot these events! Check it out!

Klimatfrukost på Formex – tema inredning
Klimatfrukost på Bee Urban – tema förpackningar

And if this wasn’t enough this super star trio have also written the book Gör skillnad! : från klimatångest till handlingskraft (Christmas present tip!) on the subject. Let’s hope it will be released in english!


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