About Swixer Film. And the climate.

I thought I’d tell you about my production company Swixer Film. The initial idea was to do so in a fairly usual way. But then I thought about it again. And then I thought of Greta Thunberg. And that I wanted to tell you about Swixer from a climate point of view.

A great part of Swixer’s business is about helping international clients who is coming to Sweden to produce their film, TV, advertising or still production over here. Swixer is their local producer and manages everything from locations, crew, gear, talents, logistics, casting, catering, management – anything that simplifies the production process when filming over seas.

Many clients realizes that it’s both cheaper and a thousand times more climate-smart to book resources locally instead of flying them over, for example. crew & gear. But far from everyone unfortunately.

Typically, a whole lot of gear are flown across the Atlantic to produce a few minutes of content in Sweden. Or you fly over 90% of your crew when you in fact can get both gear and crew here in Sweden.

We keep really high quality when it comes to both gear and crew here in Sweden. And I hope that more of Swixer’s customers are brave enough to take advantage of this and see that it’s both a cost-effective AND climate-smart solution in the end.

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