Studio Emma Svensson Academy, half time!

I’ve jumped right out to the wild unknown! Since a while back I’ve joined Studio Emma Svensson Academy. It’s a one-year program where eight photographers / image makers get coaching from Emma Svensson. We get a line up of workshops, lectures while building our photo portfolios. We have access to a studio and light gear 24/7. I do have some experience from my producer background but this is just something else.

I know that some have been curious about this course and perhaps signed up for next year so half way in I thought I’d sum it all up a bit!

During the first six months focus have been on building our portfolios. Identify our style, area and create a portfolio accordingly. Some shoot fashion, other products and I enjoy staged photography, more about that here. A portfolio is supposed to reflect who you are as a photographer so from being forced to think about that, find your way and that expression that feels like “you” have been a challenge but so much fun. Perhaps the best thing so far.

For me, joining this course ment shooting in a studio for the very first time. Before I joined I had mostly shoot on location and in natural light. So getting access to a studio (and lots of new light gear) 24/7 was exciting so to speak! Fortunately, I like the idea of throwing myself into the unknown, learning new things and learning from mistakes so it has been a fun challenge!

Then we’ve had a bunch of speakers visiting. Film with Mats Udd, marketing with Stefan Tell, och storytelling with Martin Sandin have been some of the favorites. Getting concrete tips and expertise from professionals in different areas: food photography, wedding, retouch and visual communication has been amazing. Just asking a billion questions and getting the tools to customize your own suit has been the best!

Another great thing have been the ongoing coaching sessions we’ve had. Partly with Emma Svensson where the focus have been on how we can create better images, but also from an agent perspective where we’ve learned about customers, marketing and portfolio strategies.

If you’re curious to learn more about this program you can read more about it here (in Swedish).

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