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Welcome to my blog and my very first post! This is where I will write about the things that happens behind the scenes of still and moving productions. From smaller photo shoots to big scale international productions that I produce through my production company Swixer Film. For this first post I thought to tell you a little bit about what I do when it comes to still photography.

I love staged photography. The kind of photography where you get to build up scenes like you do in the movies. Where stories are told, characters cast and where moods are set through props, locations and scenography. It’s quite a time-consuming way to work as a photographer I guess but in my opinion it’s worth every minute.

Don’t kill the messenger, have tea!

Usually I do everything myself: cast actors, hunt down props and build up everything in a studio (or location) with the help of an assistant.

Åren går, våra ärtor består.

I love integrating vintage, second hand and things I find on flee markets. Or grandma’s old Liberty fabric from the 50’s for example! And I like to work with a sustainable mindset.

Tågluffa! Lätt & hett

I don’t mind working with AD’s, set dressers but in smaller productions I like to be in control of the creatives myself. Simply because the vision is usually in my head and I know how I want thing. It’s also more cost effective for clients as I can double up!

Well, that was a quick introduction. I hope you’ll check back in again and do say hello on Instagram or leave a comment!


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  1. Gunn Johansson

    Jag följer dig på Insta och bloggen det är så roligt att får höra vad som händer i branschen Jag jobbar med film och fotojobb och tack för det fina jobbet med mamma Miatheparty Lycka till med bloggen!

    1. fatimalageras

      Tack, vad roligt att höra Gunn! Hoppas vi får möjlighet att jobba ihop igen i framtiden 🙂

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